The Beauty of Blogging!

Blogging really build your inner strength and maintain your sanity perspectives.

If nothing works out in your life, Do Blogging please. =)

I wanna declare my love in blogging and i will blog all my way through happiness!


Being at Ease during Turmoil

I always feel myself that i don’t match up. why?How it is that i often don’t feel good inside me…Even though all through my life i have been surrounded with people with good influences…from CEOs, from sexy and funny friends, from “be-all-to-all friends”, from Director earning tons of billions, from being able to enter the top private university in my country…. That’s sound irony, and people looked down on me that when i have so much in life, that others don’t even have, why is it that it seems doesn’t enough? Why i don’t carry myself in a proper way….many more….sometimes i feel the culture has been structured into performance system…that you’re not worth it if you don’t perform well, it means you are being not matched up, irresponsible, lazy and stupid….

I mean God is always fare..fair…x) Life consists of the Beautiful, the Ugly..the Good and the Bad…Never let the Ugly outruns the Good and Beautiful…=) They say variety makes the world go around…and we wouldn’t have come to appreciate the beauty of life without the ugliness with it….Some call me princess in damsel….I just hope things would work out in the end, now it’s just a matter or when and perspectives of getting more whole and strengthened in faith, in soul and in spirit! I just told my friend last week ( funny i bumped into him at the mall today) that I believed God is healing me now. So, when i got healed, I want to help others, by faith! Now its never easy because there’s naysayers, and doubters, some intentional or unintentional doubters…there’s many ways to see one thing and its never easy because life is full of uncertainties, grey scales areas which presents only 1 answer: To Suspend Judgment Unless you asked questions to dig up hidden truths.

Is Suicide Intentional or Non-Intentional?

” If You Cannot Help, Don’t Hurt ”

Suicide now is an increasingly rampant epidermic in society. Even the most lovable Robin Williams, for some reasons, has chosen that deathly path. That proves happy people do risk having the probabilities and potentials to want to die.

What about Pastor Rick Warren’s son?

What about Megan Meier?

Today, i feel, sick and saddened reading the story describing the unwanted, unneeded, supposed to be, somewhat called unintentional teasing, sickening betrayals from sicked people makes Megan Meier want to die.

So, lesson of the day, be mindful of how you treat the people around you. Strike a balance in-between making fun of people and truly being a funny person. Because you wouldn’t know how your actions might bring unwanted consequences, to yourself or to a future you. =)