Choices to make it through!

Praise my God, i made it through 27 September, Saturday to Island Plaza’s Coffee Bean. I was apparently not feeling too good. But i managed to find a good spot to blog. Seemingly quiet and comfortable.

Today i’m trying hard to avoid stress as much as possible. I left my house around 1 pm ( to avoid workers fixing my TV ) to be at my usual blogging place. But today i was quite affected for me. First there was this irritating waitress and there goes another super annoying new acquaintance, from KL. For privacy sake its never good to name and shame. I deleted his Facebook friend’s request. He appeared sincere and well-mannered at first, but its good that his true colors came out quick. I dislike that KL guy because he is irritatingly pushy, like to give stupid and immature, unneeded, stupid comments, and judge me on my character on how to behave…that i should just be myself…( such an asshole should go fuck himself) i not being myself??come on you gotta be kidding me!….i will never understand why society is structured in a way that most people like and tend to judge, make comments, say things that they feel they have the rights to comment on others, yes, when they themselves are so shitty and ugly…still wanna act fake gentleman. These people would not care how they will make people feel…funny is he knows it and tells me exactly what he is doing…indeed he is explaining and justifying himself. Really one piece shit of asshole. Okay, better enough of negativism power and aura, affected…its making me feeling tired….but i would never understand why….perhaps this world is a crazy world with lots of crazy people suffering from mental healths problems…so feeling like puke and so disgusted! Note to myself: Be careful not to get affected anymore and i am on my way of recovery from all poisons, toxins, contaminations , filthiness, ugliness and corruptions energy from negativism i encounter in my life. =) =)

Note to myself from a song from the car ( of course not that time in KL with that idiotic lady pastor)- that i have choices, power to choose to give away my power in anger or move on graciously and handle it well without denying emotions or pushing it away.


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