Back to Usual Sanity of Blogging

AAARRGGGHGHGH, I have stopped blogging since 16 of September..Its truly a great honor to be back continue writing after 10 days..i could have be the next JK Rowling hehehehe…i don’t know what will comes up…nevertheless i will just harness this skill! Much thanks to a toastmaster friend named FuYong who inspired me to take actions in blogging. I had this awesome idea since before his speech, his speech just make me to take action strongly in excitement. Great to have great minds think alike! =)

And my crazy brother who mentioned he noticed me stopped blogging (for 10 days) since his suscription…..

And now i am blogging at The Eatery, the superbly-beautiful environment, with me owning the privacy of the whole cafe….inside Penang Sheraton 4 points..with beautiful jazz music playing, with tourists walking around, some are swimming in the pool, with the sound of seas breeze splashing towards the sandy beach…….i can’t help but to think of my second upcoming writing class work related to writing of blue turquoise oceans, with sandy beaches, another remake of the film ” The Impossible”.

Okay….now is 5.09 in the evening….i shall sit and blog until around 7pm i guess…..then i will as usual, go buy food and back to home…and my day will end soon…..bwahahahahaha can’t help to think the thought of these….i used to tell my brother that my life is about buying groceries…… can life be so pathetic? I used to bump into my ministry FatherHeart Friends 7 days 7 shots, everyday bumped into them at Island Plaza Shopping mall, until Richard was asking…”Do you live here? Do you?..” Terribly funny….

Trying hard to recall all great memories that i possibly had………………..most of them were with my brother and some very minority truly happy cousins…………………………….


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