Is Suicide Intentional or Non-Intentional?

” If You Cannot Help, Don’t Hurt ”

Suicide now is an increasingly rampant epidermic in society. Even the most lovable Robin Williams, for some reasons, has chosen that deathly path. That proves happy people do risk having the probabilities and potentials to want to die.

What about Pastor Rick Warren’s son?

What about Megan Meier?

Today, i feel, sick and saddened reading the story describing the unwanted, unneeded, supposed to be, somewhat called unintentional teasing, sickening betrayals from sicked people makes Megan Meier want to die.

So, lesson of the day, be mindful of how you treat the people around you. Strike a balance in-between making fun of people and truly being a funny person. Because you wouldn’t know how your actions might bring unwanted consequences, to yourself or to a future you. =)




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